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Saturday 27 July saw sunshine again in Macclesfield after a spell of rain. Perfect day for making biochar!

Up at the Recreation Grounds the Maccy Biochar group demonstrated a simple method of making biochar using two flame-capped open kilns.

Two small kilns demolished a 6x4 trailer with cage full of tree litter in about 3 hours.

Greg Marlu ready to start

A good crowd of people saw for themselves what appeared to be burning wood become “charcoal” destined for the soil as biochar. They saw it done, learned about the merits of biochar and how the Maccy Biochar group plans to make biochar on behalf of the community to help make Macclesfield carbon neutral.

These 2 small kilns made 320 litres of biochar on the day

Thanks to the Maccy Men’s Shed, coffee & BBQ sausages were enjoyed by many.

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