Maccy Biochar operates a not for profit community biochar centre in Macclesfield, South Australia. We take your dead woody material and convert it to biochar to use as the basis for earth-friendly fertilizers for home and farm; and for other biochar-based products. We generate biochar specific carbon credits aimed at offsetting emissions from local electricity consumption and motor vehicle use to help you reach a carbon-neutral way of life.

A typical flame-cap kiln for home use


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The Power of Soil

At maccybiochar we recognise that the properties of our soil will determine what and how much we can grow in it. We aim to help you make your soils 'happier', richer and more productive.      

Young Explorers

At maccybiochar we encourage

young people to learn more about the carbon cycle and how to capture carbon for the soil. We can provide your school with advice and instructions on making your own biochar kiln to help make your school carbon neutral. CALL US to arrange for a volunteer to visit you.

Spreading the Biochar World

CONTACT maccybiochar if you need help with setting up your own Community Biochar Centre. All our documents are freely available to any other community seeking to become carbon neutral by making biochar.


New members always welcome! To view member benefits and apply for membership simply click below to download an application form.

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small flame-cap kiln for home use