Biochar bulk sales are aimed at:

  • farmers who wish to use biochar for a specific purpose (eg soil improvement; animal feed supplement etc);

  • businesses who wish to use biochar as an ingredient in one of their products;

  • government departments who wish to use biochar in tree planting, storm water drain filters, soil remediation projects etc;

  • community gardens;

  • plant nurseries;

  • vegetable growers; or

  • anyone who can use a cubic metre of biochar.



Our biochar is sold in bulk in 1 cubic metre bags (1000 litres) as follows:


    Qty                         Price/Bag

  1 to 5                           $400

  6 to 10                         $350

All prices are ex-Site, Shady Grove road, Macclesfield, SA 5153.

Terms & Conditions:

1. 10% deposit payable with Order on receipt of invoice.

2. Final payment payable prior to collection on receipt of invoice.

3. Supply is subject to availability at time of Order. Our production period is from May to November so place your Order early to secure supply.


1 cu. m. biochar

Product brochure is available to download here.