The world has a carbon problem.
Some places (the atmosphere) have too much of it.
Other places (soil and farmland) have too little carbon.
Biochar is the ONLY way to fix the carbon cycle that benefits people and nature.
Biochar fixes carbon by taking it out of the atmosphere and putting it into soil and products for human use.

So biochar fixes climate, but it can also solve many other problems that are both related and unrelated to climate:

• Biochar “fixes” drought conditions by holding water in soil
• Biochar “fixes” fertilizer shortages by holding nutrients in soil
• Biochar “fixes” dead soil by improving conditions for beneficial soil microbes
• Biochar “fixes” smelly manure and compost by supporting good microbes,

balancing the Carbon:Nitrogen ratio and retaining nutrients
• Biochar “fixes” polluted soil by immobilizing heavy metals and other

• Biochar “fixes” flooding by improving rainwater infiltration
• Biochar “fixes” eutrophication by absorbing nitrogen in water bodies
• Biochar “fixes” drinking water by filtering out contaminants
• Biochar “fixes” building material impacts when used as a substitute for

resource-intensive components of asphalt, concrete and other

building materials
• Biochar “fixes” human health and well-being as an ingredient in health and

beauty products and for management of human sanitation
• Biochar “fixes” animal health when used as an animal feed supplement and

for manure management and sanitation
• Biochar “fixes” forest fires by converting excess fuel loads to water-holding

soil amendment for forest resilience.

Reprinted with kind permission of:
Ms.Kelpie Wilson
Wilson Biochar Associates







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