Making Maccy Carbon Neutral

Join Maccy Biochar in demonstrating that a small community can do something positive towards combating climate change by using biochar to capture carbon and offset local GHG emissions. n

If you are a local household consider making your own biochar or at least save your woody litter for us to collect from you.

If you are a local business then consider buying the biochar carbon offsets we create and use them to help make your business carbon neutral.

If you are a local farmer consider the advantages of converting your tree litter to biochar to improve your soil and crop yields. Try to avoid burn heaps but if you must do then try a top-down burn instead of just lighting from the bottom of the heap. Top-down burns emit far less smoke than otherwise and actually result in significant amounts of biochar.

If you are an entrepeneur consider buying our biochar and enhancing, grading and packaging it for sale to garden centres etc.






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