Summary of our Products & Services


We take woody material from local households, farmers, landowners, businesses and Councils and convert it to biochar. A modest receival fee is charged depending on the volume, type and dimensions of the material supplied except for members and local households who may use the service for no charge. Those suppliers who wish to use our carbon credits to offset the CO2 emitted by their electricity consumption need to register with us prior to using this service.

We take woody material from farmers, businesses and government departments who wish to convert their excess woody material to biochar for a specific purpose. 


We sell the biochar that we produce to retailers, other local biochar producers, and producers of biochar-based products such as compost and soil supplements; soil remediation media; storm & waste water filtration systems; air filters etc.


Where a landowner prefers to process his woody material on his own property (eg to avoid loading and cartage costs) and use the resulting biochar directly on his own land we can offer a service to manage the production of the biochar on a contract basis. The use of our expertise and production accounting methods ensures that the biochar so made can be counted towards our total production.   

  • Kilns for garden use:

Our small portable kilns are available to members to use for limited periods at no charge subject to agreement on proper use of the kiln to allow them to make their own biochar on their own land for their own use. (Note: The biochar so made will be counted towards our total production).   

  • Biochar carbon offsets:

We sell biochar specific carbon credits.

A certificate will be produced for each 1 tonne carbon credit. Certificates may only be sold locally and are only allowed to be used to offset local emissions. An example could be a local fuel retailer who applies carbon offsets to his fuel sales. The price increment paid by the motorist for carbon neutral fuel would be minor and comparable to the normal fluctuations in the retail price of petrol.  

The sale price of such carbon offset certificates is determined by market demand.

The following training courses are offered:





See our range of free Application Notes to help you learn how to use biochar to best advantage.


Guided tours of the Centre are offered to groups (eg school groups) that want to see biochar production in progress and learn about the operations of such a Centre.